Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Episode 20 - But You're My Mom!

You will have to listen to the episode to get the title..

Anyway, Ken, Robin and I welcomed a few guests to the monumental episode 20, Alanna, Dwayne, Isabelle and Madeleine joined s this time out. Ken and Robin have been working getting an ebook platform ready for the U library. This initiative is Ontario wide and that is cool. Apparently there will even be an iPhone app. This made Dwayne happy, as he is obsessed with his new iPhone. Alanna also likes the iPhone and used one in Europe recently.

Robin pointed out that while to the average user the most important thing is the UI, there is a huge backbone there, and people literally risk their lives putting in that infrastructure. He then told us that cars are silly, and a lively debate ensued.

It was great to have Ken and Robin back together for the show, and the guests made it even better. Thanks to everyone.

We all hope you like episode 20.