Sunday, February 7, 2010

Episode 21 - When the Red Red Robin Comes Goo Goo Googling Along

The whole Google vs. China in an out and out war of err, something or other inspired this episode. I made the point that this was Google, in essence, acting like a state level actor and this seemed somewhat novel. Well, both Ken and Robin pointed out that say the British East India Company and the Hudson Bay Company were in essence states within states, even having their own armed forces. I said this was different because Google does not have a royal charter or anything.

This of course lead us into a discussion of Corporatism, which is in a way a lot like medieval guilds, and well, a lot like the fascism of Italy or Portugal.

Corporations taking over the world eh, how about Rollerball!

Robin also gave us his most recent views on google wave and I talked about my most recent appearances on Fourcast with Tom Merritt and Scott Johnson.

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