Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Episode 28 - Jesus is The Flash

Oddly, this episode had nothing to do with Jesus or the Flash, but, you will get the reference once you listen in.

In fact, we got together for the first backyardcast of the season and talked about Google +. We love the 'circles' idea and figure this might be the thing that puts G+ over the top vs. facebook. We are also all pretty sure both are evil....

Politically this reminded us of the quick rise of parties such as Labour in the UK or the Bloc Quebecois here in Canada. The question is, is G+ the next Labour Party or the next Bull Moose Party?

Sci Fi wise the idea that some are plugged in and others not, the whole digital divide thing, is a real concern, This can be seen in films like the Matrix and in an episode I remembered of Sliders...

Oh yeah Robin and I have blogs, Ken does not, yet....

We hope you like episode 28.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Episode 27 - Passwords, Playstations and Politics

We three sat down to enjoy a lovely beverage, and discuss the playstation outage, the end of term and the exciting recent Canadian election. Robin blames China, Ken blames the Russian mafia, and, I kept silent on this, so don't bug me... Robin has been burnt by the cloud, but will not give any details. Amazon went down too, which is, frankly most of the cloud. When it went down the whole damned cloud, or much of it, went down. The problem is that there are many services, but they often rely on Amazon.

We then rambled about the Canadian election that just happened. It surprised us, and some odd candidates got elected, but we wish them luck (though that did not stop us from mocking them....)

If anyone has a blog post idea for Robin, email him, and you can get a free Algoma University hoodie! Oh and Robin is now on twitter, run for your lives...

Enjoy episode 27.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Episode 26 - Social Media Revolutionaries

We had to talk Egypt and the mideast in this recent episode, hell it is on everyone's mind. We are somewhat optimistic about the future, though Ken and I are more optimistic than Robin and Isabelle, who sat in and drew us during the recording.

There have, of course, been other revolutions, the colour revolutions and the others that brought down communism in the late 80s and early 90s and of course the ill fated Tiananmen Square protests.

We were somewhat taken aback by the lack of peaceful revolutions in science fiction, and mused on that for a bit.

We hope you enjoy episode 26.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Episode 25 - We're Wikileaking Cheese All Over Mouse Balls and Taking it Downtown....

OK, that title is a tad odd, you will have to listen in to understand it.

Robin, Ken and I decided to take on wikileaks and its oddball founder, Julian Assange. We had really not a lot of love for Assange himself, but we pretty much agreed that he is a journalist. The odd thing is people are not caring much about where the leaks came from, they are just mad they got published. The other thing we agreed on was that, from what we have seen, there is little in the cables that is anything more than embarrassing. In other words, this is not the Pentagon Papers.

We also agreed, (we were all quite agreeable in this episode) that relating the leaks and Assange's legal troubles in Sweden is a bit much.

We hope you enjoy episode 25.