Monday, March 23, 2009

Episode 14 - So Say We Four, Part Deux, or, It's Not the Alcohol It's the Vodka

Last Friday was the finale of the amazing sci fi show we have talked so much about, Battlestar Galactica. I was out at the psychology honours thesis conerence but I made it home in time to hang with Maddie, Isabelle and Ken and watch the end of the show.

(By the way it is pretty good that Maddie is getting all of this podcasting experience, as she is taking over for Isabelle on Broca's Area soon).

Once the show ended we all started talking, and we figured we ought to record this episode, even without Robin. He actually asked us the next day 'what are we going to do on Fridays now?"

It was cool to see a resolution of the show (and there are spoilers here in the episode). We talked about colonization in general, and New France in particular a bit. Then, out of nowhere, I got the hiccups. Isabelle blamed it on the alcohol, but I am pretty sure it is the fault of the vodka, not the alcohol (which may be a subtle distinction...) I used my grandmother's old cure of drinking a glass of water upside down, and I was fine!

We hope you enjoy episode 14.


Rachel said...

That was a very touching story, about how Battlestar Galactica brought you together...

I was SO irritated with Babylon 5--I didn't have cable, so I never got to see the last season...I still don't know how it ended!

I can't contribute too much to this discussion because I don't get BSG :(, but I think the biggest difference (structurally speaking) between Babylon 5 and BSG on the one hand and ST in its various incarnations was that Star Trek had no arcs--strictly episodic. And of course, when the original series was begun, that was a very hard sell in itself!

(And now I have to go find some spoilers on BSG. Just gotta...)

Actually, I think the standard concept of prayer nowadays is that prayer is not to change G-d but the person praying--and if a person manages to change themself sufficiently, he or shee may have put him or herself in a different "fate". (In a very sketchy nutshell.)

Rachel said...

Oh, and yes. The more you know (or think you know) the bigger the questions you have.

(I think that one of the major delusions that people have about religion is that it answers these questions. Any religion worthy of the name answers NOTHING--it just gives you a different set of questions.)