Sunday, November 1, 2009

Episode 19 - Lordy Lordy Look Who's......

Robin, Isabelle (pinch hitting for Ken) and I got together the other night to talk user interfaces, usability and the internet. We started by talking about Windows 7 and Ubuntu and the horrible product that Isabelle was using in a French class she teaches at the University.

We then realized the internet was forty years old this week, which means it will leave its wife for a younger woman and buy a sports car... This lead us into a discussion of the history of huge communication changes, and Robin came up with what I thought was the best one of all, the invention of writing.

We talked a little sci fi of course as well.

We missed Ken this time out, hope you can be back next time buddy.

Enjoy episode 19 (just changed the web provider, hoping that this helps).

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