Thursday, March 8, 2018

Episode 35 - Harry Hopkins is My Barman

Yup, two times in a one week span.

Tonight, before Altered Carbon we talked a bit about the story of how Alexa is maniacally laughing at users.  As an aside, they've got a fix out.  As an aside aside, the New York Times talked about the whole thing, 21 years ago.

This got us in to talking about AI, Siri, Hal, and even Kay Summersby.

FDR, Steve Jobs, Harry Hopkins et al also came up.

What would you do if your digital assistant actually had a real personality?

(n.b. there's a weird audio artefact in this recording, sounds like RF interference of some sort, will investigate)

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REReader said...

Oh, hey, you're back!!

Personally, I will not have Alexa laughing at me because I have no intention of getting an Alexa or a Siri or any such imaginary friend. In a world when Russian can hack into power stations and apparently almost anyone can hack into credit bureaus, an internet of things seems altogether too open to outside interference...Not that I'm paranoid or anything like that!