Thursday, April 19, 2018

Episode 37 - Suitably Chagrined

As I do over at Broken Area, I'm typing this before even recording.  Hell, I'm not even sure we're recording tonight.  Anyway, it is another Thursday, another Expanse night, and another week of work.

Hey!  We did record, we talked about the twitter shitstorm after Barbara Bush's death.
This lead to a discussion of tenure, of yellow journalism, of social media, of Star Trek, of Babylon 5 and post scarcity economies.

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REReader said... the 19th century, scurrilous and downright libelous comments were made about political figures all the time (Mary Todd Lincoln was a drunk and a Confederate spy, Rachel Jackson was a whore and a bigamist, "Ma, Ma, Where's my Pa; gone to the White House, ha ha ha," etc.) and no one did anything to stop it. Newspapers were, at that time IIRC, openly partisan--the concept of an unbiased press had not yet taken hold.

Dave Brodbeck said...

Yes Rachel, I think you're right. I think the idea of the unbiased press is maybe a little over a hundred years old.