Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Episode 52 - The All New Honda Freebee

Originally Ken and I were going to hop on Skype and talk about reopening economies.

Then, the murder of George Floyd happened.

So, we couldn't not talk about that.  So we did.  Though, really, we agree that white people ought to be doing a lot more listening and a lot less talking right now.  We of course both agree that Black Lives Matter.

This of course is all happening during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, is this 1968?  Canada is doing something like a UBI that people thought about a lot back then.  There are people in the streets who are (justifiably) angry.  There are even launches of spacecraft.

Of course our usual smattering of Star Trek, The Expanse and other sci fi was in there as well.  No tech really this time.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and, if you didn't hear us the first time BLACK LIVES MATTER.

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REReader said...

UBI is an idea worth looking at (the expense is the biggest issue), but the reason it was originally embraced as an idea by the right and not the left, IIRC, is because they wanted to give everyone money whether they need it or not, and then cancel all--and I mean ALL--programs that helped the poor or elderly. And that would have meant basically taking the money from those programs and funneling a substantial part of it to people who did not, strictly speaking, need it. (And that would also have moved the US farther away from universal health coverage, sigh.)