Monday, March 9, 2009

Episode 13 - It's My Duty 2 B 1337 LOL

So, we are pumping these things out like crazy eh? Robin is quite the motivator, as is his choice of Scotch for this week. The three of us went to the Algoma University Senate meeting as we do each week and before the meeting Robin told a story about not getting the proper sort of documentation that he needed for a project. As the story unfolded it was pretty clear this was about nothing other than a bad email, so our topic: communication.

Communication has changed a great deal in the past few years what with email, IM, twitter and the like.

I lamented the lack of communications problems in Sc Fi, but frankly, what are you going to do, the stuff has to be readable, watchable.

Historically one wonders if people were lamenting the decline in language when the phone came out, or when wax tablets started being used.

This episode features the debut of our new segment "Them guys is smart" moderated by Isabelle. When you hear that bit you will understand the title.

Enjoy episode 13.


Krash Coarse said...

Whilst I deplore bad spelling (in both official languages), I use verbal stylings when I write, because it happens to be the way I think. I've been told it's "conversational" style. There are levels of propriety that should be maintained though. I was taught to say "sir" and "ma'am" to elders I was not on a familiar basis with, so even if I happen to IM with my VP; I may call him Tom, but don't use lolspeek. My friends, however; I "LOL" with.

Dave Brodbeck said...

Krash, yeah I write in a conversational tone as well. Most of the emails I send out as official type things as chair of the psych dept here sound like me rambling, and often are...