Sunday, August 30, 2009

Episode 18 - Remembering the Interrupted Creativity

Well this is the final episode before the coming academic term at Algoma University, where we all work. The topic turned, not surprisingly, to education. (A note, the SD card that I use on the recorder ended up filling up so we end abruptly around 59 minutes or so, perhaps this is some sort of sign to shorten the damned episodes a little...)

We talked a bit about our experiences in education, including one from Robin where he talked about a prof whose name I edited out at Western. The key, you should not complain if the course materials are in Arabic...

Of course we talked a little about education in the past, and some sci fi, though not much. We also talked about the importance of memory vs creativity in learning.

Then Ken told us about blowing stuff up with the Canadian Armed Forces...

Enjoy episode 18

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jim said...

It's the New and Improved Dave's Virtual Office Hours Drinking Game!
(assumes undergrad - hopefully)

"Can I get an extension?" DRINK

"Why are all these guys German?" DRINK

"I'm bored. Would you like to discuss standards of library cataloging?" SHOT

(from the computer science major) "... so, Jung's theory of a Universal Unconsciousness helped me understand the Token Ring network better, and Maslow's Self Actualization explained servers, nodes, and SysAdmins." SHOT! SHOT! SHOT!

Dave's feet gradually roast by the fireplace as Minnesota slips into the play-offs of the NHL (National as in Not Canadian).