Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Episode 53 - Decision 2020 Pre Game Show or Whatever

We recorded this one at around 7pm EST.  

Some polls are closed, some are open, some people are still in line.  I conducted a completely (scientifically) useless twitter poll.  Many of our US friends voted in advance.  Many of them didn't have lines.  That said, my twitter following probably skews kinda white.  Still, it was nice of people to respond.

The lineups are a sign of a fragile democracy.  That said, a lot of people voted by mail. or in advance some other way.

This got us talking about democratic norms, transfers of power and all that.  Everything from the Algiers Putsch to President Clark in Babylon 5.  

Don't screw this up America.

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REReader said...

It's interesting listening to this now (Feb. 3)...